Welcome to Gudman Leadership with a heart. I help courageous and visionary leaders make an impact by creating an environment of belonging, where diverse people grow, play to their strengths, embrace their authentic selves and deliver sustainable impact.

I am Marlene Gudman with  over 20 years of international HR and Talent Leadership experience. I am an award nominated DE&I Expert and a certified coach. I am a value driven professional, passionate about accelerating individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential and create sustainable results.  

I am based in Copenhagen and I operate globally.  

Service offerings:

  1. Executive and Career Coaching
    Our personalized coaching are designed to unlock your authentic potential, helping you overcome challenges and achieve your full potential. We use a positive and solutions based philosophy, identifying your strengths, your challenges and create a safe space for you to accelerate your potential.  

  2. Leadership and Team Development
    We support you on your journey to build high-performing, caring, diverse and inclusive teams that overcome challenges, navigate change and achieve sustainable results. We design, launch and faciliate team interventions both off sites and events. 

  3. TalentPredixTM Strength assessment
    We offer the most innovative world class cutting edge assessment system to identify people’s unique talents, strengths, and potential to  to achieve sustainable impact. TalentPredix™ can be used in different stages of the employee life cycle, from recruitment and team building to career development and preparing people for future roles.

  4. Unlocking Female Talent individually and in programs
    We have developed and facilitated an DE&I award nominee  program  to accelerate female talent in Northern Europe. We coach female talent and we  develop, facilitate and run tailored programs to advance female talent in organisations. 

    Let's connect on LinkedIn. To explore how Gudman Leadership can elevate your career, your team and your organisation. Together we will embark on a journey of growth, equality, leadership and sustainable success.

    With over 20 years of global experience from leading enterprise customers I would love the opportunity to explore how I can help you. See more in the executive bio.


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